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Izzy's Antics

I called my mother today and told her what Izzy did last night and she thought it was the funniest thing she had heard in a long time.

I went to bed as usual last night. Izzy jumped up with me and proceeded to try to bite my nose as I hid under the covers until she calmed down. Once she calms down, she is okay. I took out the book I am reading (rereading, actually, One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez…likely tantamount to treason to be reading a South American author) and started reading. Izzy looked at the book as if she really wanted to rip it apart, but I convinced her not to.

So, as I was reading, I heard her jump off the bed, run into the other room and grab her chew-toy which she proceeded to bring up on the bed to chew (I put a sheet over the bed finally. I should have done it sooner and she might not have chewed a hole in the comforter).

So, as I read, I heard a lot of noise from Izzy behind me. Nothing sounded major so I ignored it. I’m usually happy if she just leaves me alone. Her ‘off-switch’ never has worked as well for me as it has for Paul.

What the little brat ended up doing was pulling the large bath mat we use as a very plush (and washable!!!) rug at the end of the bed up onto the bed and then going into Ursus’ bed in the corner of the room where we put a smaller, microfiber bath mat in for added cushion. She had to move the pillow, dig around, and pick up the mat. She then proceeded to put it in place of the large bathmat. Rearranging the room to her liking, I guess.

I hope she doesn't mind us putting it back.

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