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Rainbow Bridge

It is certainly strange how things happen. I went in for my first colonoscopy on Tuesday. Absolutely clear, no problems…yippee!! Not for another ten years! I was going to put a picture of it on this blog but I decided, nah.

That wasn’t interesting at all. I have been told over and over by many different people that the actual ‘deed’ is not the worst of it at all, it is all the preparation you have to do before it. This is certainly true.

So there I was. The kind intake nurse took note of my saying that I was cold and gave me TWO warm blankets in the intake room. It took forever, but finally they rolled me down hallways and into the ‘deed’ room. It was a bright, sunny room and I looked out the window and remarked what a lovely view it had. In about 3 minutes, I was dead gone. I don’t remember a thing.

Then, a nurse woke me up and I was SO angry with her.

Why? Because I had been spending my time running in a field with my puppy, Preston. He was back to his young, enthusiastic self and we were playing in the sunshine. Then, that nurse ended it all.

I guess that was the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ place I have read about. The poem is so horribly sappy. Yet, I cry every time I read it. We all want to believe there is a Heaven and/or a Rainbow Bridge. But, as an atheist and realist I know that those places exist only in our “heart” and our head. That’s fine as long as I can keep my puppy alive.

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