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Putting it in Perspective

Okay. I don't like not winning anything at a juried show. Who does? However, my husband put it into perspective: "you should feel honored to have lost among such great artists," he said.

Ah, yeah.

Actually, it is true. Every piece that was chosen deserved it. It wasn't like, as has happened, I didn't respect the art that was chosen. Heck, when I DID win, I had people telling me I shouldn't have (he's gone now, thankfully ; ).

If there is anything I've learned from entering shows it is that even jurors are biased, no matter how hard they try not to be. It's in our nature. In our little group, there have been a number of times when someone entered a piece into the international show only to have it turned down. The next year, they enter the same piece and it's accepted!

So, yes, I am honored to have lost among such great colored pencil artists!

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