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Dog People vs Cat People

I have been thinking about the difference between dog people and cat people. When I was young, I lived in the country with no one around. I was by myself a lot. I thought of myself as a "cat person." I actually envisioned myself as the "crazy cat lady" in the Victorian house on the corner with 100 cats, coming out of the door with a rifle when the neighborhood kids dare step foot on my lawn.

This didn't happen. I became a "dog person."

I think what happens when you get a dog is that you are forced to go out. People see you. They see your dog and many of them strike up a conversation about the dog. This forces you to be more social. Does a cat do that? No. Although, with the new "cat cafes" maybe even that will change.

At one point when I was relatively new in town, my first dog introduced me to pretty much all of my friends, some of which I still keep in touch with after moves, divorces, and death of dogs. It was really a great time. We would spend hours just standing around at the dog park, throwing an occasional frisbee and talking. This turned into dinner parties and other gatherings.

So, I can say that the dog definitely made me more social.

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