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Today, I wish I were an oil painter.

If I were an oil painter, I would not have to do what I have just had to do: FRAMING. If I had actually gotten everything ready in time, I could have had some other poor, professional do it. But, no, I'm always working on things up until pretty much the last minute.

I haven't framed anything since this time last year, once again for our annual show (that is, the Colored Pencil Society of America, district chapter 201's 23rd Annual Show at the Keizer Arts Association). My framing table has been outcast to an unfinished room above the garage. Paul, my husband, has a strong inner need to cover any horizontal surface, so when I went to start framing, I realized he had piled boxes and other things on top of my table. So, before I could do anything, I had to actually clear a place to do it in. Meanwhile, it could have been kinda nice with the Oregon spring rain pounding on the roof, if it weren't so cold.

I looked everywhere for my 36" T-square which I use to cut matboards down to a usable size. It was not to be found, so I fudged it with the 30" one. It worked out alright and, actually, the first mat went easily. Too easily, I was sure. Sure enough, I went to change blades in my X-acto knife and realized that I had only #2 blades for a #11 knife. Off to the store in the absolute pouring rain on a day I was really looking forward to not going out again. But, while I was there, I bought another 36" aluminum ruler.

Once back and in the middle of cutting a double mat, Paul walks in, moves a few things off of an old futon that is being stored up there and...ta da!...there is my T-square.

Next problem was the plexiglass. I usually get plexiglass because I have had to ship artwork on occasion and you have to use plexiglass. This was a new kind of plexi that the glass place I use was trying out. It was awful. It scratched if I looked at it. So, I called and ordered real glass since I'm taking this up myself. And I had to drive back downtown in the pouring rain...

That was the last thing I did on it yesterday. Today I put everything together and, I swear, I do not understand one bit how framers keep dust out. No matter what I did, there was dust and/or dog hair caught in between the glass and the matt. And the dogs don't even go in that room!!! Grrr. After about 5 times each of being "finished" only to find more dust inside, I finally finished TWO framed pieces.

Talk about frustration! It took two entire days to frame and matt two pictures! Hey, anybody out there need a framer? I do really mediocre work and can turn out an entire piece every day!

If you look closely at the picture, you can still see the dust....

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