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Tunnel of Love...or Treats

So we have this neighbor who lives behind us. Her name is Tammy and she just thinks that Ursus is the sweetest most special dog in the to her own dog, that is. Ursus used to jump on to the top of one of the dog houses that is right next to the fence so he could look over into her yard and see her. I think he has foot problems, so he doesn't do that anymore. However, Tammy fixed it so he didn't need to. She pulled out a board from the fence between our yards (that is undeniably old and in need of replacement) so that she could pet him through the fence and give him treats. Well, Ursus is enamored of her and just waits and waits for any sign of her being in her back yard. When he sees her he gives the most mournful howls. Makes it sound like we never even pay any attention to him or bother to feed him.

Well, Izzy has learned this trick from Ursus. Tammy will also give treats to Izzy now, too.

One day as Paul was looking out the back window he said "Damn it! She's starting to tear apart the rhodies now, too!!" I looked out, too, and it seemed that he was right. There were little branches from the rhodies all over. The amazing thing is that I figured out what she was actually doing. She built a tunnel through them to the hole in the fence! I swear that she did it for Ursus, too, because it is larger than she would need and is just the right size for him. Strange little dog, indeed. Way too smart for my own good.

She doesn't chew up the rhodies anymore, either.


Sadly, unfortunately, Tammy had to move away. On her last day she came over (there's actually a gate between the two yards) to say goodbye. Then she nailed up a new board (that you can see above). Ursus spent a lot of time waiting for her, not understanding that she was leaving. He even whined a couple times.

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