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Holidays with a puppy

We had to scale down our tree this year, although we still managed to overdo it because the top of the tree scraped the ceiling. We knew we had to put it up on a table and out of the immediate reach of Izzy. We also just plain didn't put out a lot of decorations so we had less to worry about. It was interesting to have to see things through the eyes of a puppy. Would this catch her attention? Can she reach this?

Actually, she didn't even bother the tree. It seemed she hardly noticed it. "Oh, so now there's a tree inside...." The only things she has done is to grab a garland off of the hutch and drag it into the living room and grab the new oven mitt I got at the Dollar Store (for only $1!!) off of the counter over and over again.

Strangely, she never tears anything apart. She doesn't go after the furniture. She loves to grab shoes and gloves, but she just takes them into the living room and sort of gnaws at them, without any real bite. Actually, I think she bites me harder than the shoes or gloves. Hopefully, this will last. I try to keep toys around all over the place so that she can grab them whenever she feels the need. For the most part she seems content to only chew the eyes out of some of her toys and kill the squeaker, but that's what squeakers are for.

She is a smart little puppy.

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