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Let it Snow!

Today was the first day it snowed this year. It usually happens at the beginning of November but, with the NEW normal, things aren't normal. It can't really be seen in this picture, but it was snowing quite hard up at this elevation, about 1600 ft. Ursus and I were on our long run. It had snowed somewhat down at the lower elevation that we started at. I had been excited to see what Izzy's reaction to snow would be. Nothing. I guess there wasn't enough to pique her interest. Perhaps if we actually get any accumulation she will take more notice.

I am looking forward to being able to take Izzy on these runs. Veterinarians say not to run with a dog at all until 8 months or older. I hope it's okay to run on gravel for less than two miles for a dog younger than that because we do it every day. I think that the warnings are mostly for people who jog on sidewalks. I hope. There is no way to stop this little girl, anyway. She runs far more than two miles a day just in the back yard!

Of course, she would still be an awful running buddy. She still stops right in front of me, points her head down at my shoe and waits for me to move. This is when she bites at my ankle. So I have to stop immediately when I see her doing this and wait until she leaves.

Ursus has become amazingly tolerant of Izzy. We thought it would be impossible the first couple months. This morning, Izzy ran up to Ursus, put both paws around his neck, and stood there for a couple seconds. I swear they kissed. I could not believe it. Was this the same Ursus who couldn't be around Izzy without a muzzle only a few weeks ago?

Has Izzy charmed her way into his heart, too?

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