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Owning a Puppy...

Is not completely unlike having a child. Except a puppy has sharper teeth, will get through with being a youngster much faster, and won't want you to pay their way through college or buy them a car. A puppy will, however, expect you to be her chauffeur forever.

Anyway, with rainy Oregon weather in full swing, much of Izzy's play is indoors. This is the result of one morning romp. She loves to shred paper. Perhaps there's a little rabbit or chinchilla in her? We leave junk mail on a chair in the dining room and she grabs it and takes it to the living room (shown) and rips the hell out of it. I also play fetch with her quite a bit from here.

I have seen those commercials where the puppy grabs something and everyone runs around trying to catch the dog but it is too fast. I always thought they were cute, but not usual. I know now that this is completely normal. Izzy grabs anything and moves it. She likes to rearrange shoes and bring them into the above "playroom." She also likes to take underwear and socks from upstairs down to the above "playroom." Be careful before you let the guests in! Yesterday, I was choosing a pair of socks from my sock drawer when suddenly this little head popped up, grabbed a random pair, and ran off. Fortunately, everything ends up in the above "playroom."

I hope this is a passing phase.

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