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Precocious Child

Izzy was already drinking and contemplating the meaning of life at only 14 weeks. I wish she would contemplate more on NOT giving me all of those puncture wounds you can see on my hand. Those sharp little teeth! She really loves biting at me and it seems somehow that it is a great game for her. I toss a stick for her to keep her from biting me. She runs off, gets the stick, takes it somewhere out of my reach and runs back and bites me. When I move toward the stick, she bites at my ankles and/or jumps up and rips the sleeve of my shirt. She doesn't really do this to Paul. I think it's because he isn't soft and squishy like I am. He's old and stringy. Or maybe it's because he's willing to really kick her when she tries to bite him. I just can't bring myself to really doing that. I guess I'm too much of a softy - a squishy softy.

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