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Hair Dryer

Yup. That's me there, looking like I'm blow-drying my hair with one of those early-1980s Conairs. Nope. That's not it. Only I could manage to get my hair pulled into the motor of a sander. I was actually sanding the rafters of our new covered deck so it would be easier to paint. I had thought about putting a bandana on that morning but, nah, I wasn't painting so nothing would get in my hair, except a sander.

I blew out the motor. It was 50 years old! But, since it's a Craftsman, Sears will replace it, right?

The only way to release the thing was to cut my hair. I thought I would end up with a huge bald spot, but it wasn't really that bad. It just hurt that bad.

After I blew that out, Paul came out of the garage with a small, finishing sander that was much better for what I was doing. Why didn't he tell me about this thing in the first place? Well, that lasted about an hour until something happened and the levers got bent so that the sand paper wouldn't stay on. I ended up having to go to Home Depot and buying the same sander over again.

I just can't figure out why Paul says: "I can't stand being around you and tools."

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