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Running off the Cheese

I went on an 8.5 mile run this morning. I am sad to say that I am no longer the penultimate slowest runner in Mac Forest because another woman who is slower than I am has started running here, too. Two women ran by me and they were sharing stories about their "Iron Man" competitions over the summer. I listened as they ran by and all I could think was that I am more of an "Iron Chef" kind of girl. I love to run and be out in the woods but I do it for the exercise, not for any competition.

I love cooking. That's why I run, too. I guess I must be a pretty good cook because everybody tells me that. It used to make me proud when I had doggie dinner parties with all of my former dog park friends and there would be NO leftovers! And it wasn't because I didn't make a lot. Paul has even commented over and over that it isn't worth going out to eat because my stuff is better, anyway. Of course, we just go to your average brew pub or ethnic joint, not anything fancy. I am actually also a very lazy cook because I don't want to do something that takes the entire day to make.

So, basically, I just run to run off the cheese.


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