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That's me trying to look suave in my kayak.

We went kayaking up and down the Willamette River for about two miles as the crow flies. What would take you or me about 10 minutes to ride a bicycle or 3 minutes to drive a car...took us about two hours. That's basically 1.5 hours up and .5 hours to get back down.

Actually, it was a lot of fun. We have gone only twice this year, unfortunately. The first time I could not make it to where I had set my goal because my arms were so tired. The second time, I made it TO my goal, but the current was so hard that I couldn't run over there to touch it.

I miss taking my dogs, but for a short period it is a lot of fun. I was amazed at myself this time because I gave myself the challenge of both getting in the kayak and pushing myself off AND....the bane of my kayaking existence...getting out of the thing without landing on my butt in the water.

Yes. I DID IT!!!

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