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I am a woman who is really into music, but I am really particular. Paul would say that I'm really particular in everything. He would say it in a scathing, acusatory way. It's true. What's wrong with knowing what you like???

I have been almost fanatic about Opeth for the past year. Once I got beyond the "death growls" and found all of the albums that they made (2 up until now, although I think a new one is coming out) that did NOT have those particular vocals. I actually got to the point where I didn't laugh at the death growls, didn't completely enjoy them, but liked them for what they were and the fact that the man doing them was also quite a good SINGER. What I like about them is that these guys know their instruments. Amazing guitar work. I get really tired of metal guitarist (or any guitarist) that think that banging as hard as they can on one chord is the way to make us all "feel."

I like Opeth because they have never rested. They always move on. Their music is always moving, both within an album or song, but also within each album. I know that many people find a band/ person that they really like and want the same thing over and over. And, by that, I truly do mean the SAME thing. Absolute predictability. Something to dance to that won't suddenly change tempo and embarrass you.

Basically, I am stuck on progressive...whatever. It all steals from late 70s - early 80s music that was in vogue when I became truly aware of "other" music (Thanks to my brother, Dan, known as Steve to Paul!!). I like The Bad Plus because they are, or at least were, "progressive" jazz. My brother, Dan, introduced me to The Bad Plus, also. The Bad Plus did jazz covers of rock songs. A bit different from jazz "fusion" that basically did rock covers of jazz songs. Anyway, they rock!! Although recent albums have returned more to their jazz roots.

I like jazz. But I only really like Be-Bop. And mostly, Charlie Parker..amazing. Charlie Parker, Roger Federer, and that waiter at MexicanTown (long time ago) in Detroit all have something in common: they do their job effortlessly.

Charlie Parker had a way of playing a saxaphone like he was born to do it. Like he was one with the instrument. There is no effort heard in his music. Though, you know it had to be there.

Roger Federer dances across a tennis court. He makes tennis look like ballet. I have been saddened lately since he is older and having injuries that make that effortlessness disappear. Plus, I like Federer because he doesn't play all the little games that other players do when they are down.

And that waiter from the mexican restaurant in Detroit? He truly glided across the floor, tray in hand. Absolutely effortless.

The thing that really made me appreciate music and the people who play it well (IMHO) was being in a band for five years in Detroit. As it turned out, that waiter from the mexican restaurant was also a drummer. He was a much better waiter. My band, including me, was extremely mediocre. Not horrible. Not good. We never filled up a venue except for $1 pitcher night. But, the experience made me realize 1) I'm not very good at playing musical instruments and 2) how amazing it is when people really can play musical instruments. (BTW, that waiter was never in my band.)


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