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Paul used to hunt and KILL animals. There are actual guns in this household, although not even Paul seems to know where any amunition might be. I am just amazed that I live in a home where there is a rifle (his mom's) hanging on a wall. I hate guns. I have never been around guns. I don't believe that there is ANY safe way to have a gun in a house. BUT, Paul has shown me that, if you have to have one of the damned things, you can truly do it safely.

But that isn't my point. Hunting is my point. Paul used to hunt living animals: deer, elk, ducks, pigeons. He likes to tell me stories that make me squirm. Now, however...and I will point out that he stopped pointing a gun at living things quite a while before me (and it may have to do with the somewhat "vegetarian" ex-wife he had)...he likes hunting mushrooms!

Mushroom hunting has a few things in common with "regular" hunting. Mostly, it gets you outside. I can go outside for a walk or a run or a whatever without any "purpose". Paul seems to think there should be a purpose: kill an elk, walk the dog, mow the lawn, plow the fields (admittedly, those are 4' by 10' raised beds. Doesn't that SOUND large!!!!).

Anyway, this basically unfruitful mushroom hunting is always fun. I do it every day...even when I KNOW there's nothing there. It's a habit. But, it makes you more in tune with everything around. Mycology helped make me what I am.

Whatever that is.

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