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I did it!! I did it!! I just went out to the garden and looked at the tomatoes and DID NOT pick any of the reddish ones. I've been so excited about what looks to be a decent tomato crop for once that I keep picking ones that are nearly ripe. I promised myself to not go near them for a few days. Alright, I couldn't stay away from them, but I didn't pick any, at least.

Here in Oregon, a decent tomato crop is a rare thing. We don't have long enough, warm enough, wet enough summers for them. There are some cultivars that have been bred to work better in our climate, but those can still fall short quite often. Actually, the fact that there are so many green tomatoes waiting to ripen may change at any whim of the weather, too. Or the rats may get them before I do. Yes, we have rats and I'm perfectly fine with that as long as they stay out of the house. And I hope they stay out of the garden.

Meanwhile, I'm salivating for caprese and (fake) BLTs and pasta pomodoro and bruschetta and soooo many things!!

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