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June 15, 2014

Here is what I am working on right now. It has been kind of a bear, actually. I'm used to drawing darker dogs and this one is light! Plus, the photo that I am working from is actually a smaller, much fuzzier part of a larger photo and it has been difficult to get everything looking correct when I can't tell completely what part is what from the photo. This Aussie used to be in the family but was lost in a divorce. So, I have to make up a bit. 

The hardest part has been the eye. I think I got it the way I want it now, but I'm not completely settled on that. It's odd because eyes are the things I used to START with. Then, I'd work outward from there. Of course, then I'd hit the background and wonder what to do with it.


In a workshop recently, an exercise that we did was each person in the workshop was to draw a square of a picture of a human model. No one would take the eyes, so I did. I think I did an okay job even though it was a human, not an intelligent being like a dog.


It's funny how my pictures never turn out exactly as I want them, but maybe that's a good thing. If they turned out EXACTLY how I wanted them, I guess I'd be a complete photorealist. And, except for great technique, what would be the point in that?

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